Receive files in your blob storage without sharing account key. Ideal for receiving files from clients, customers, and non-technical users etc.
Files are uploaded directly in your blob storage from user's browser and are never routed through our servers thus making it super fast.
User can upload individual files or entire folders When folders are uploaded, folder structure is preserved in blob storage. Folder upload is only supported in Chrome & Opera browser.
Drag/drop of files and folders supported.
Makes use of Shared Access Signature, CORS, jQuery and AJAX to facilitate the upload.
User can upload both Block and Page blobs. Page blob uploads are sparse i.e. only pages containing data will be uploaded.

Important: One time CORS configuration is required for this utility to work. Table below shows the required CORS configuration.

Allowed Origin:,
Allowed Verbs: PUT
Allowed Headers: *
Exposed Headers: *
Max Age (in Seconds): 3600
For additional help, please see this configuration guide: Blob Receiver Configuration Guide. This document includes a detailed explanation of this utility.

Enter the Shared Access Signature (SAS) URL for Blob Storage in the space provided below and click on "Get URL" or "Get Short URL" button to create a direct link to blob receiver utility (we use for URL shortening).

Blob Receiver URL (To be shared with your users)

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